Rewriting History on Iraq as it Happens

The New York Times has no problem trying to rewrite current history in Iraq, and is pretty blatant doing so. In it’s front page article today, Iraqis Watch With Wary Pride as Little Changes, and a Lot, they try to go it both ways just to make sure that they don’t have to apologize for being wrong about Iraq being, well, much better off now after the invasion.
They do so by quoting former members of Saddam’s death squads as saying that the new government is worthless, not caring to mention that these people lost nearly everything when their dear leader was deposed. A moral equivalent would be quoting members of the SS after the fall of Hitler.
The best part, though, is the last line—which I am sure was added sarcastically, but you never know. “Now Iraqis have power,” says Mahmood Chasib, 21. “And the Americans did nothing.” Nothing indeed.


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