Red, White, Blue, and Green Eyes

On this Fourth of July, I think it is important to ponder why the pundits of America and the World hate America’s current administration, and its policy of democratization. In fact, I would even add Israel to the fray—why do they hate us? I think it is because we aspire to more.
Unlike France, who is quite proud of refusing religious freedom by banning headscarfs and yarmulkes, or quite open about opposing gay marriage, or Sudan, which has no problem sending militias to ethnically cleanse an area the size of France, both the United States of America and Israel have always put morals at the heart of their politics. No, this has not held over their histories, and both have certainly committed their fair share of atrocities—but no less than nearly any other country on the planted, and yet you do not hear Russia or China or Indonesia bashed constantly in the press.
America and Israel, on the other hand, had universal values in mind when they declared their independence; inalienable rights such as life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the universal right of self-determination. And the pundits know it, and they hate it.
See, if the US and Israel fail, if they are made to be worse than the rest, then it affirms the pointlessness of the rest of the world. France and Germany do not aspire to be better than they are, or to make the world a better place. They choose stability over progress, their own well being before the well being of the entire world. The same people in those countries, and especially in our own, who cry and wail about passing on the debt of social security to our children and children’s children have no problem whatsoever keeping deadly, threatening tyrannical regimes in power, regimes who grow deadlier by the day as technology grows more sophisticated, thereby leaving the problem for our children and our children’s children.
Some would argue that I am wrong, that “soft” power can achieve what “hard” power cannot. Tell that to the over 100,000 refugees in the Sudan that will die this summer, no matter how much aid gets to them. The crisis in the Sudan illustrates the irrelevance of “soft” power when a “hard” regime uses violence against its own people. And Sudan is only the conspicuous example.
And if Israel would not apologize, would not feel sorry for its actions, for when its bombs kill children due to a terrorist’s incompliance with the Geneva Conventions that clearly state that all enemy combatants must be clearly uniformed and not fight out of civilian areas, the world would loose its power. But for Israel to do that would mean for it to loose its soul, that one thing that sets it apart from the rest of the world.
So what is there to do? Nothing, I would argue, but to continue on our way. The pundit’s green eyes of jealousy will only be appeased by our downfall, and the world cannot afford that. We should fully communicate our intentions, build our credibility, and stick our big nose and outstretched arm into any corner of the earth where evil—where tyranny—continues to plague humankind. As Iraq heals from decades of violence, and other citizens around the enslaved world come to realize that the power of the United States is their best chance for freedom, we will be repaid in full: by having created a world that loves freedom, a world with liberty and justice for all.


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