A Little Question of Quantity and Quality

Nicholas Kristof illustrates exactly what is wrong with those who try to compare the war for Iraq with other wars: politically inclined to oppose all violence, they have no regard for quality or quantity.
See this quote of his: “The Wolfowitz of World War I was Sir Douglas Haig, the British commander who launched an offensive that cost the British 420,000 casualties.” Wait one second, is Kristof comparing nearly half a million casualties to the less than a thousand from the current conflict? Yes, that he is. And is he comparing World War I, a war between empires, with a war whose purpose it was to unseat a dictator? Yes, that he is too.
And what occurs to me is one simple question: would Kristof also oppose unilateral action against Sudan to stop the genocide, or would he keep his moral consistency. And, if he would support American military action to change the regime in Khartoum, what makes the Sudanese different that they deserve freedom from ethnic cleansing from the Kurds and Marsh Arabs of Iraq?


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