Was the Intifada Good for the Jews?

Larry Derfner has a rather cynical op-ed in the JPost today, called Something to march for. His premise, basically, is that Diaspora Jewish life is nothing without an Israel full of conflict, or, in his words:

“If this storm ever passes, if Israel ever does actually make it to peace, there will be a Golden Age over here. Israeli minds and hearts will open up, there will be hope in the air, and the world will beckon to us again.
But if that day comes, I’m afraid that after the initial burst of sunlight, the sky will turn still and gray again for Diaspora Jewry. If this long storm ever ends, they will miss it.

I disagree. I think that Diaspora Jewry is growing stronger by the day, and many initiatives such as the 20 Something Think Tank and, well, the Creative Zionist Circle, are proof of that. Derfner, I’m afraid, is still caught in the anti-Diaspora mind frame of Classical Zionism. Hope he finds a way to break free and see the truly inspiring things going on in American Jewry. [Crossposted]


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