Israeli Arabs Searching for Equality in America

The Forward reports that “a group of Arab-Israeli human rights activists have spent the last month in America meeting with Jewish groups and government officials in order to agitate for the improvement of the unequal status of Arab citizens in Israeli society.”
I have an idea: instead of going to America, why don’t they get their constituents to vote. At 20% of the population, they could offset the religious blocks. And if their leaders would stop rooting for the other guy, as Azmi Bishara did in Syria, and would start making statements about their allegiance to the State of Israel, maybe, just maybe, the domestic political situation would change. So yeah, it is nice to use other people’s money to fly to America and live in nice hotels. But, when they’re done with that, they’re just going to have to deal with the ugly details of democratic involvement in Israeli politics and loyalty to the only state in the region that gives its citizens any rights whatsoever.


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