Why the 1967 Borders are Wrong

I could go into detailed historical arguments, of how the “Green Line” is no more than a fiction based upon ceasefire negotiations with the Jordanians and not the Palestinians, but a report today in the Jerusalem Post contains a much more relevant reason: the line has no regard for population.
The story is about how a plot to kidnap an Israeli and negotiate with his body was thwarted. The village was Taibe, a large Arab town inside the supposed “Green Line.” I actually know the village well, having worked with their deputy mayor to fund their children’s soccer team as a public relations account executive working for a firm advising Orange.
Being there I could not help think that Taibe really has no reason to be part of Israel–that is, no reason other than the fact that they have no desire to be seen as Palestinian. The deputy mayor made that very clear, telling me that he does not want to give up his liberty and freedom just to find himself in a dictatorship called Palestine.
Should I care? Yes, I do care about his having to live in a dictatorship.
The question is, though, whether we are fighting for self-determination or for external-determination. I choose the former. The essence of the idea of Two States for Two Peoples is that there will be two states for, well, two different people, and that each people will have its own state. That is the idea of self-determination–the Jews should have the right to determine their own future, as should the Palestinians. But the “Green Line” has no determination, with many Palestinians living within Israel, and many Jews living in areas that people see as the future Palestine. Until we erase this line from our heads, and start thinking in terms of demography, we won’t get anywhere.


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