Don’t You Care About Europe?

The most annoying thing about the recent call by Human Rights Watch for American intervention in Sudan is that they aren’t putting the same amount of moral pressure on Europe.
I mean for gdsakes, while the American military is already taking “all actions necessary to ensure that both the human rights and humanitarian concerns” of the Iraqi people are being looked after, the French and German militaries–let alone the Russian and Chinese–are sitting around with their bayonets up their…you know. And hell, if Europe feels that it has what it takes to be a superpower, to provide balance to the American-dominated international system, why is it not putting its money where its mouth is?
So while it is hypocritical to tell America it is wrong and illegal to attack the Iraqi regime–even though there already was a Chapter VII resolution passed against it, and the humanitarian disaster there was just as bad if not worse, spanning three decades–the really infuriating thing is this idea of American being damned if it does and damned if it doesn’t. Can’t Human Rights Watch just be a bit more consistent?


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