A Little African Distraction

With nearly half a million dead or dying in the Sudan, and millions others oppressed by tyrants and famine, Africa isn’t in the best of shape–and its leaders know it.
So what are they doing about it? Holding a special session on the Palestinian crisis, specifically the United Nations African Meeting in Support of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, which opened in Cape Town earlier in the day.
I agree with Democratic Alliance spokesman Douglas Gibson who said: “With respect to [president Mbeki of South Africa] there are far more pressing issues which demand a great deal more of the attention of the African Union. The scourges of war, poverty and disease blight this great continent and need to be addressed urgently. Surely Africa has enough problems of its own without going to look for some more?”
Just another example of the manipulation of the Israel/Palestine issue to distract people from the more serious problems facing humankind.


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