It Hurts to Be Wrong

Paul Krugman wrote a temper-tantrum this morning in the NYTimes. It must hurt him real bad to realize that the United States has finished the first stage in the rebuilding of Iraq, washing away his predictions of a quagmire. You see, Paul, quagmires swallow up those caught in them; America, on the other hand, with a UN resolution and its administrator out of the country, is pretty much walking on solid ground.
How about his stats on the rebuilding, though? Well, they’re pretty much bullshit. The NYTimes itself published this op-chart a while ago, telling a totally different story. And, as for his prediction that “the occupation will continue under another name, most likely until a hostile Iraqi populace demands that we leave,” it is so nice of him to trust in Iraqi leadership. With a President that is the Sheikh of one of Iraq’s largest tribes, and leaders of nearly every ethnic group represented, I certainly doubt many Iraqis see this as an “occupation by any other name.” Krugman, instead of digging yourself deeper into the quagmire of your predictions, maybe it is just time to admit you were wrong?


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