Bye Bye Burg

The Jerusalem Post published a scathing editorial wishing Avraham Burg good riddance.
Don’t know how much I agree with the tone of the editorial, but they do have a good point: as an orthodox Jew that accepted the ideas of the peace movement, Burg had a lot of potential–which he wasted.
I must admit that I was never impressed by him. When I met him at the 100th Zionist Congress in Basel, when he spoke before the room of delegates from around the world as the then head of the Jewish Agency, I couldn’t but help think he was a bit too conceited and concerned with ‘number one’ to make his first priority the future of the Jewish people.
I don’t think this is the end of him, though. He’ll be back. And just maybe he’ll find a way to connect with his potential as he sits out a few elections on the sidelines.


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