Fighting the Wrong Fight

Some food for thought on the day of rest: Haaretz reports that the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC), a leading British Muslim-rights organization, awarded the “Islamophobic award” to Chirac, Sharon and Bush.
Chirac I understand–banning headscarfs, a form of religous expression, is certainly an afront to Islam.
But how exactly are Bush and Sharon Islamophobic? Agressive, yes. Warmongering, true. But anti-Islam? I’ve never heard or seen either person attack Islam as a religion. Bush repeatedly says that the war is not on Islam, and has even admitted that Iraq will be a Muslim state–albeit a Muslim democracy. Sharon has served as prime minister while the Arab parties–and especially the Green Islamic party in Israel’s north–thrived. So neither seem to be anti-Muslim.
But here is the thought: what if the IHRC would focus on the “extremist of the year” award, and publish a “hall of shame” for those of its faith that, say, saw off non-Muslim’s heads in the name of Islam? What if they published a “moderate of the year” to celebrate a Muslim who took on the muderous scourge of suicide terrorism and body mutilation? Instead of focusing on the negative, what if they planted a forest of rightous infidels somewhere in Mecca, as the Jews have in Jerusalem? That would be nice, wouldn’t it?


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