Support an Independent Kurdistan

The more I read Seymour Hersh’s article in the New Yorker–I had to read it again–the angrier I get. The way he writes about the Kurds, and the amount of times he quotes Information Ministers–as if they are reliable sources–drives me up the wall. First things first, the Kurds.
It’s amazing that the same international community, and the same states, that support a Palestinian state, oppose so vehemently a Kurdish one. Do they expect us to believe that the Palestinians deserve independence and the Kurds don’t? The Kurds are the largest state-less peoples in the world, and yet they live in a territorially contiguous area that used to be an alliance of Kurdish kingdoms. The fact that Turkey, Syria and Iran would deny this ancient peoples a homeland destroys any credibility they have whatsoever in advocating the Palestinian cause.
But Hersh does not point that out. He quotes a German saying that independence for a national people is unwanted because Kurdistan would be “be a new Israel—a pariah state in the middle of hostile nations.” He allows Turkish and Syrian officials to make threats against Israel, some of them blatantly anti-Semitic comments, saying that Israel “programs the Kurds” (as if they do not want independence for their own reasons) and that an independent Kurdistan would hold repercussions “for Israel and the Jews,” possibly invoking another attack a la Buenos Aires. Hell, if the Saudi Crown Prince would tell him that the “Zionists” were responsible for the attacks, he’d quote him and make it look reliable.
Is this because he is a self-hating Jew? I don’t think so. But it is because he is not excersising the necessary amount of screening when talking to these officials who all certainly have a reason for telling him what they do. The fact is that the Turks, Syrians and Iranians have a huge incentive to say Israel is involved because it would justify their war on the Kurdish people to their populations. Turkey has all but promised it will “burn the carpet to kill a few fleas,” as Hersh quotes one official saying, and what better way to justify genocide to the world than saying that the Jews are behind it all. And it won’t be the first time Turkey has committed a genocide in order to hold onto a piece of land–remember Armenia?
I’d hope Hersh exercises more responsibility in the future. If Abu Ghraib was so important to him, why doesn’t he report on the abuses of Kurds in Turkish and Syrian jails? Then he’d be a respectible reporter in my eyes.


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