Help Free a Bangladeshi Journalist

I received this from SPME, and think it is important to circulate:

Write to US State Department or Your Foreign Ministry to Help Free Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury in Bangladesh
“Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, has been imprisoned for over six months now by the government of Bangladesh: imprisoned for being a journalist; imprisoned for writing pro-Israeli articles; imprisoned for daring to say Jews and Muslims can dialogue and live together. I have tried to keep the US State Department informed of the human rights tragedy, as have a few US Congressional Representatives, and had an extensive discussion with its representative today. The situation has reached a point where the State Deparment might intervene. YOU CAN HELP SAVE THIS MAN AND HIS FAMILY.
The basic facts in the case have been given on several sites. Anyone wishing to familiarize themselves with them, however, should visit the web site dedicated to freeing this prisoner of conscience:
The attacks, threat, and public vilification has turned into something of a war of attrition. The family business was sacked months ago, and banks refuse the family any credit to re-open.
Choudhury’s brother, Sohail, has been blackballed from any employment. The family’s financial condition is approaching desperation. Further, despite court orders to provide Choudhury with needed medical treatment, prison officials refuse to do so; and his health is deteriorating in prison. From my letter: “The longer he languishes in prison for doing no more than carrying out his job as a journalist, the closer he and his family face irretrieveable damage.”
The best chance of preventing that is before the Bangladeshi High Court, which just re-convened. Again from my letter: “Since all lower courts have refused to act on this case, and Choudhury remains incarcerated without trial, his attorney has been hoping to have his case heard by the High Court. There is no substance to the charge, and we want Choudhury’s case brought out of the security police’s secret recesses. He deserves a fair hearing with a death sentence hanging over him and his family, including an elderly mother and two
innocent children, facing disaster.
“We request that the State Department use its good offices to help prevail upon the government of Bangladesh to recify this human rights travesty, to stop persecuting this man for advocating peace among Jews and Muslims, to allow him to resume his work as a journalist, to allow him a fair and open hearing before the High Court, to give him his freedom.”
Please send an urgent message to the US State Department through that address on its web site: . Scroll down to the link, Send a Message to the Secretary of State. In the subject line, write URGENT: Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury. And in the body of the letter, begin by noting the Desk for South Asia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.
Then request that the US State Department intervene to force an open hearing for this innocent political prisoner and prisoner before the Bangladeshi High Court before that government is responsible for a human tragedy on top of its human rights violation. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at
Thank you very much, Dr. Richard Benkin, Chicago, IL

Please do take a minute and help out.


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