Which Times is Right about Allawi

Being in LA as I write this, I happened across two articles on the same subject–the nomination of Iyad Allawi to be the new Iraqi Prime Minister–one from the New York Times, the other from the LA Times. And boy are the stories they tell different.
The New York Times–ever trying to find the evil influence of the CIA–writes:

“Iyad Alawi, an Iraqi neurologist known for his close ties to the Central Intelligence Agency, was chosen Friday to be the country’s interim prime minister when the Americans transfer sovereignty here on June 30.”

The LA Times, shockingly, leads up its story with:

“A secular Shiite Muslim, a former Baathist who lived in exile for more than 25 years in Britain, emerged Friday as the consensus candidate to lead the interim Iraqi government after sovereignty is returned at the end of June.”

Quite a difference, eh?
I recommend a quick glance to anyone who has yet to believe the idea of media bias; the very fact that two very “credible” news-outlets can tell such disparate stories shows that the politics of an organization effects the way they tell a story.


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