NYTimes’ James Bennet Nearly Kidnapped

In an interesting twist of fate, the New York Times’ Israel correspondent, James Bennet, was almost kidnapped by Palestinians in Gaza today, when he tried to cover the reprecussions of the IDF raid.
As for the results of the Gaza Raid itself, there are conflicting accounts of the damage. One one had, many papers feature on their front page stories saying Israel killed at least ten Palestinians, many of them children. On the other hand, Israel says that “The numbers distributed by the Palestinians are exaggerated and totally false. Seven Palestinians were killed, of which four to five were armed terrorists.” Dan Gillerman, Israel’s ambassador to the UN continues to say that he “can only express my disappointment that some members of the international community have been misled by the Palestinian propaganda machine. Who do you trust? I don’t know. The Palestinians certainly have exaggerated in the past, but Israel has more to gain. I hope there will be an independent investigation into the matter.


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