Will the Red Cross Help?

After the horrible tragedy in the Gaza Strip–one which deserves the name of a military attack on Israeli forces–Israel is asking the International Red Cross for help in getting the soldiers remains. Will it help?
History indicates that it is very unlikely the ICRC will do anything to help Israel, humanitarian or otherwise. It did not help with the soldiers abducted on the Lebanon border after Israel’s full compliance with international boundaries (neither did the UN, which witnessed everything and did nothing to stop the attack), nor has it helped with Ron Arad. No, when it comes to Israeli hostages or remains, the ICRC forgets its responsibilities.
Hell, the ICRC has even refused to add the Red Star of David (Magen David Adom) to its list of sister organizations, even thought the Red Crescent is a member of the ICRC. Well, maybe because the Red Crescent is a member of the ICRC.
It is bias like this that makes it even harder for Israel to think about making peace. Was the international environment to be supportive, to offer it’s hand to Israel, to reduce the feeling of threat, it would be much easier for a left-leaning party to really make painful concessions. But they don’t, Israel is stuck with it’s back against the wall, and peace is stalled. Maybe the ICRC will see the folly of its ways. Maybe not.
Update: Asaf sends me a link from Haaretz, saying that, following the addition of a Palestinian Authority request, the ICRC try to help return the remains of the bodies. I am pleased with this new development, if it bears fruit.


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