Another Step Towards Equality

The Israel Land Authority ruling today, finally permitting Israeli Arabs to build in a Jewish town, is proof that there is work yet to be done in equalizing the status of Arabs in Israel, but that work is being done by the Democratic State.
Some will say that this is proof of entrenched racism in Israel, but the opposite is true when one takes into account the number of major actors involved in defeating the Jewish Agency’s allocation policy. To be clear, the lands were under the ownership of the Jewish Agency, a private non-State actor, and yet the State in this case forced the private corporation to sell. That is a major step, setting precedence. And, contrasted to the punishment that Palestinians get if they choose to sell land to Jews–that is, death–according to Palestinian National Authority Law, this certainly shows that the Jewish Agency’s practices are the exception, not the rule.
I will readily and openly admit that Israel is not perfect–but at least it is intent on getting there.


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