What Racist State?

If there is one thing that gets me angry, it is when people call Israel a “flat-out racist state.” Not that there aren’t problems, like any other country, but one must admit that Israel is far more egalitarian than any of the surrounding countries to be sure, and therefore critics of its policies are consciously turning a blind eye to the even greater racism in the region in order to criticize Israel.
What Arab country do you know would appoint a Jew to their Supreme Court (well, let us assume that their Supreme Courts actually had real responsibilities, which would mean assuming democracy–a large leap of faith)? Why is this a relevant question? Because Israel has appointed an Arab to its Supreme Court, which means that an Arab citizen of Israel has proved once again that Israeli society is open to all those who are loyal to it, no matter their race or religion. Just like there is a Druze major general in the Israel Defense Forces, a Druze deputy cabinet minister, and numerous Arabs in parliament.
Israel is not perfect, but Salim Jubran will certainly make sure it will get as good as it can get. And I’d hope Israel’s critics pay attention.


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