The UN making final status decisions? Never.

One of the greatest problems the international community had with prime minister Ariel Sharon’s intended unilateral pullout from Gaza, and president Bush’s subsequent endorsement of the strategy, was that it prejudiced final status decisions, which they said should be decided by the two parties. But now we hear that the UN will support Palestinian sovereignty over E. J’lem.
One could simply write this off, saying the UN is endorsing the likes of Sudan to its highest human rights body, but this is serious: international law has been set around UN resolutions, and one of the strongest cases made for Israel’s “illegal” settlements are that they are in contradiction to UN resolutions. Thus, while the US gets condemned by Europe for recognizing that the refugee issue has to be laid out on the table, no one is condemning the UN for trying to predetermine sovereignty on Jerusalem–no less a sticky issue that should be worked out by the two parties.
I would hope that Europe and the rest of the Quartet makes the same case they made against Bush’s speech for the UN vote. I’m not expecting much, though.


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