The Arab League Strikes the UN Again

Those who believe that an “internationalization” of the Iraqi occupation under the UN will quiet the fires should think again following Lakhdar Brahimi’s comments to a Paris radio station, when he said that Israel’s policies are the “great poison” affecting the Middle East.
Well, some readers might actually agree with Brahimi. But then again, some readers believe that the UN is an organization that protects human rights and stands for international justice. Both are fundamentally false assumptions. Are Israel’s policies a worse poison to the region than the Syrian occupation of Lebanon, marginalizing Palestinian refugees and inciting them to violence–and occupation that Brahimi forced upon Lebanon with the Taif accords? Or the hundreds of millions run through the Arab League to support terrorist operations around the world?
Not many people know that Brahimi was a representative of the Arab League–and therefore has a vested interest in making the Iraqi project fail. Why? Because he knows well that if Iraq becomes a democracy, the other states will fall as their peoples demand increased rights, and his friends in power will be swept away with their tyrannical regimes.
That Brahimi is the UN’s envoy to Iraq–the person charged with democratizing Iraq–is just as preposterous as Libya heading the UN’s High Commission for Human Rights. Do we need multilateralism? Surely. But not with tyrants and the supporters of dictators, whose goal is not the betterment of others but the entrenchment of themselves.


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