Plan for Democratizing the Middle East

I have finished a draft of my paper on democratizing the Middle East, and Saad Eddin Ibrahim told me, in front of others, that it was an “excellent paper. I couldn’t have written a better one myself,” although he disagrees with the way I treated Israel.
I decided to post the paper on this website and to ask for your input. It is only a draft, and the final paper should be in by May 3rd so that it can be submitted to a conference on democracy in the Middle East for young professionals.
So, if you have the time or the patience, rip it apart. Click here to download the PDF. Just to be clear, it is protected by the Creative Common’s copyright, but you may use it if you credit me. Also, being a draft, it is not the final version, so while I take responsibility for the views expressed, they might change with time.


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