Reynolds on Sudan

Good piece by Glenn Harlan Reynolds of Instapundit fame on Sudan. Unfortunately it’s on Fox news–which leads me to conclude once again that any issue that contradicts the leftist tendency to blame America first will not find its way to the major papers.
He makes a very strong case, reminicint of what has been argued in this space–although much earlier it turns out, since it was published already in October. One thing is for certain: he does have great quotes. Here’s an example:

It seems to me that the human rights community has things exactly backward. Given that the efforts of the international community to prevent and punish genocide over the past several decades have been, to put it politely, a dismal failure, perhaps it is time to try a new approach. International human rights law is supposed to be a “living” body of law that changes with the needs of the times in order to secure important goals — chief among which is the prevention of genocide. Given that the traditional approaches of conventions and tribunals have failed miserably, the human rights community should be prepared to endorse a new international human right: the right of law-abiding citizens to be armed.

Not your conventional conclusion. Read on.


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