More Against Kofi and the UN

Instapundit features a link today to an article by Judi McLeod asking What other goodies is Annan locking away in UN file cabinets?, and why the major media hasn’t covered the UN scandals more effectively, if at all.
I have one idea: the infallibility of the international system is a lynchpin of the modern mind. Note that much of the opposition to the War for Iraq, or Israel’s building of the fence, cites “international law” as some sort of axiom, and, therefore, the embodiment of that law cannot be questioned least the whole house of cards come tumbling down.
It is the job of intelligent individuals–and by that I mean those who can make up their minds somewhat independent of the opinions of others, and who can at least attempt to look at the facts in an objective matter–to try to change this meme. It is time for the world to realize that the UN is not living up to its charter, and has become a living mockery of justice. Either it shapes up, or it should ship out.


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