Time to Go to Sudan

Nicholas Kristof is on the mark when he asks whether we will be saying “Never Again” to Sudan a few years down the line.
What I don’t understand is why I haven’t seen any rallies or protests by the Left, even though they rallied only last week around the war for Iraq. Yes, the cynical among us may think that it’s obvious the left wouldn’t care, but I truly believe that some of those people marching against the war really care about human rights–so why are they silent now?
It is simply proof of the Security Council’s impotency and irrelevance that they convene to condemn Israel in the assassination of one man that proudly admitted he led martyrs to paradise, and yet haven’t acted when genocide is carried out before their eyes.
If the global community doesn’t care, if the “world” is too busy mourning Saddam’s fall to see the suffering of the Sudanese, the US will have to step up to the plate. And it should be the left which pushes this move, supports it, and goes out to the streets if the administration does not follow through.


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  1. Sudan

    Ariel Beery wonders why everyone is so silent about Sudan. She’d also like to know if anyone is organizing protests or action for Sudan….