We Will Not Be Silent, They Screamed

I must say that I am very confused: while I support demonstrations against racism, those going on at Columbia this past week have been a flurry of contradictions. They screamed “we will not be silenced,” after receiving three days of continuous first page coverage by the Spectator, an article in the NY Times, and the personal attention of both President Bollinger of Columbia and President Shapiro at Barnard. Who is being silenced?
(To answer that, the Conservatives are. They, mere students, have been denounced and decried by practically everyone at this University. So much for a free market place of ideas. It’s one thing to call out a Professor, who is an employee of the University. Quite another to do so to students.)
Then, they screamed that Columbia is a racist institution and insinuated that Bollinger himself was racist and won’t admit it. This after Bollinger has gone to the Supreme court to protect Affirmative Action and Columbia continues to bring in more minority students than ever before.
So yes, Columbia still has a way to go in attracting African-Americans to its campus, but that also has to do with the structural problems with society that no measure of affirmative action will fix–which is why I personally oppose affirmative action. I feel that it glosses over the systematic underinvestment in inner-cities and only ends up helping those African-Americans who would anyway be able to help themselves, leaving the rest in the poverty-stricken ghetto.
Will anyone ask these questions in the open? If I still had my column, I would. Until then, I guess the PC will prevail.


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