Racism on Columbia’s Campus and Bollinger

Quite a storm has developed in the Columbia Universe this week, with events following an anti-affirmative action bake sale–which, by the way, was led by an Asian, which I wouldn’t call a representative of normative culture–erupting into a full on war of accusations.
While I do completely condemn racism in all its forms, I find it quite interesting that Columbia’s President Lee Bollinger was willing to comment on this after he very clearly did not speak up when Tom Paulin made racist remarks calling for the death of Jews, or when he said that he would not comment on racism against any single group in the case of the AJC letter against anti-Semitism. [Here in PDF]
Yes, institutionalized racism against African Americans is a problem that needs to be dealt with, but so is the political correct anti-Semitism cropping up all over the place, including left-wing places such as adbusters and certainly Columbia’s own classrooms. When Professors single out an ethnic minority and attack it without balance they should be called to order. President Bollinger has failed to do it before, and it seems he would have done it again if it had not been politically correct to do so.
So here is my pitch, my open sentence to Bollinger: Yes, please condemn racism in all its forms, but in doing so do not forget to protect all groups, even those who it is not politically correct to defend.
Note: Zack Frank, the columnist who was brought in to replace, is quoted in an article as the president of the College Democrats. No disclaimer. I wonder what ideological bent the paper is taking…Also, as I noted before, the Columbia Conservatives are made up of mostly minorities–that is, practically no WASPs or representatives of the normative order. Not with the Dems. It makes me, as a Democrat, wonder why Bush can have a cabinet packed with minorities and we can’t.


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