My Replacement Loves Anderson

If anyone had any doubts about the Spectator’s policies, and why I personally have no place in the paper, one only need read the column by one of the new columnists brought in from the outside to replace myself and the others. His name is Zack Frank and his column, The Making of Quagmires basically condemns the Title VI reforms by saying that such reforms in the past are to blame for Vietnam.
The column itself is the definition of stupidity, poorly researched and worded with no substantial quotes from the actual bill or discussion of why the bill was set in motion. What alarms me, though, is his servility to Dean Anderson and her supporters, which shows that Columbia has done a good job of indoctrinating its youth. Since it is now indisputable that Dean Anderson is actively transgressing University and possibly even Federal law by not making public the names of the donors to the Said Chair, and has thereby lost her credibility in my eyes, one should look instead to those such as Martin Kramer who gives a counterpoint to her alarmist arguments.
As for a complete rebuttal of the argument, please read Kramer’s rebuttal of a Yale editorial, or an LATimes editorial.


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