Iraq and Israel

It seems that “minister appointed by the U.S.-handpicked Iraqi Interim Governing Council (IGC) said Sunday, January 25, his “country” was ready to sell electricity to Israel,” according to Islam Online. Is this report solid? It doesn’t even matter. The very fact that Interim Electricity Minister Aiham al-Samarrai said that “it was necessary to change the old mindset that banned dealing with them (Israel). It is a democratic world,” is amazing.
The fact is that the new Iraq has no basis for ire against Israel. Israel is the one country that continually opposed Saddam, who pulled the nuclear rug from underneath his feet–which would have insured the survival of his regime for generations–and is the one country in the region that can serve as its springboard to modernity. Also, in regards to the Palestinians, one must only remember that Saddam spent money supporting suicide bombers instead of feeding his own people, to understand the anger directed against the Palestinians.
It is in the benefit of both countries to begin trade in earnest, and open formal relations. I just hope the rest of the Iraqis concur.


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