Saddam Captured

It is hard to remain dry-eyed when hearing about the reports of Saddam’s capture. Especially for those who have had family members killed by genocidal tyrants, this coup has struck straight to the heart. It’s time to try him like Eichmann, in Iraq. No European should have any say in the punishment.
As for press coverage, Instapundit, as usual, does a great job. But here are some other interesting similarities:
Both Al-Jazerra and the New York Times take great pains to remind their readers that they believe that the Iraqis really hate Americans, raining on the Free World’s parade.
Kuwait and the Iraqis themselves–except for a few Sunnis–don’t share the NYTimes, AP or Al-Jazeera’s regret. But that’s how its been all along.
I agree with the Military establishment that attacks will continue for the while, until the terrorists either give up or are defeated, but think that the successful trial of Saddam will turn the Iraqi people against the terrorists and agitators, increase enlistment into the nascent Iraqi Army, and put the up-coming elections on a good foot. Granted, of course, that the US doesn’t screw this one up.
UPDATE: a reader on this site, Jonathan, has pointed out that there is a Public Editor at the NYTimes now, and that I should turn to him with my criticism following the lack of coverage of the democracy marches in Baghdad. I will.


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