Nobel Prize Winner Criticizes US–What’s New?

I am simply amazed that Shirin Ebadi’s criticism has become a news item–and that reporters don’t dig a bit deeper to the obvious conclusion: Ebadi can’t say anything else.
Huh? Didn’t she get the Nobel prize because of her bravery in standing up to the Iranian regime? Well, in part, yes. But that doesn’t take into account that one of the more ruthless regimes on this planet has allowed her to live–meaning that she has been toeing the line, even if she crossed it here and there.
As the article linked above points out, “In her acceptance speech, Ms. Ebadi offered only oblique criticism of Iran’s conservative Islamic government.” Yet the reporter stops there, forgetting to remind the Western reader that this conservative Islamic government would kill her if she criticized more directly.
Iím not saying that there arenít a myriad of things that Ms. Ebadi could have said to criticized America. Iím sure that she has a lot of charges to level, and most of them would be entirely legitimate. But I would imagine that journalists covering this speech would realize that much of this criticism is part of her bargaining with the Islamic regime to keep her alive and free, and that any article would not take those parts of the speech seriously. That is, unless the reporter had an interest in criticizing America himself.


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