Ajami On the Duality of Iraq

Prof. Fouad Ajami does a good job of conveying the complexity of the situation in Iraq. His conclusion is exceptionally touching:

It is idle to debate now whether this was a war of choice or of necessity. We stand sentry here now, having decapitated the old regime and pledged to build a better one in its place. Our truth is being redeemed in the most painful of ways–by predominantly young men and women who carry the heaviest of burdens–so many of whom have now made the ultimate sacrifice. The question of whether a single national society exists in Iraq is yet to be answered. The insurgency in the Sunni triangle is the rebellion and the rear-guard action of a terrible breed of people eager to restore their own hegemony and the reign of terror that came with it. To a great, liberal country free of tribal and sectarian feuds now falls the grim task of quelling a rebellion of the darkest atavism. Imperial power has always carried with it heartbreak. In the shade of these palm trees of Mesopotamia, the best of our young people give the Iraqis their first exposure to an army that does not plunder and terrorize. May our sacrifices in that land not be in vain.

Although some people have let cynicism be their guide, and are thereby blinded to the potential good to come out of creating a beacon for democracy in the Middle East, others continue the fight for freedom. These are monumental times.
Also, once again I will publicly declare that I hope to be his student at SAIS one day.


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