Obsession for the NYTIMES

Those such as myself who picked up a copy of the Sunday NYTimes were in for a surprise this morning: on the first page lay a profile of a very brave young man, Muhammad Hussein–the child of an Israeli Mother and a Palestinian father, who is now serving in the Israel Defense Forces in the Gaza Strip.
What could it be, I asked myself, that would make the New York Times want to dedicate an entire quarter of its front-page of the most widely-circulated paper, the Sunday edition, to this sad story? After much thought, and a careful read of the story that continues for another full page within the paper, I realized that there can be only one explanation: the New York Times is obsessed with Israel.
Strange conclusion? Well, here are the facts I weighed: first, the story had absolutely no news value whatsoever. The world is burning–Russia continues to pursue anyone who dares challenge the Kremlin, Saudi Arabia is undergoing massive internal violence, Iraqis are fighting for and against the American ‘occupation,’ North Korea…well you get the point–and here the most reputable paper in the United States and probably the world runs a profile on one poor kid, stuck between two worlds, whose only “news” significance is the legal battle his father is fighting to be recognized by Israel in order to evade Palestinian hit men. And the fact that it’s taking so long.
This obsession with Israel, I can only assume, is the same force that drove Europeans to declare last week that Israel is the top threat to world peace. Which leads us to the obvious question: what is so special about the Jewish people and the Jewish state that they deserve this honor of being the constant topic of international debate? Any ideas?


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