Insulting Democracy

While I intend to write a full-length article on this subject–it’s really getting to me–I have to flag the developments of the so-called Geneva Initiative as incredibly troubling and an affront to democracy. Don’t get me wrong, I do support a lot of the compromises made, and most of the changes I’d make to what has been reported so far would be minor. That’s not what gets me.
The trouble with the document is that it is an autonomous action by an unelected self-chosen “representative”–that is, Yossi Beilin and company–who does not have the legitimate right to represent the position of the State of Israel. Even if he made the Prime Minister’s office aware of the talks, the very fact that he has not been appointed by the people of the State of Israel makes the entire process illegitimate.
It also makes it dangerous. By leading the Palestinians to think that they will get a better deal elsewhere, Beilin is reducing their incentive to deal with the elected head of the State of Israel. The Geneva initiative–and the other initiatives like it–create an incentive for both sides to try and wait it out until the leaders are more to their liking. And that means more death, more violence, and more complications that arise over time.
Yossi Beilin and his cohorts are disgracing Israeli democracy by purporting to speak for it, and should be loudly condemned for their affront against the people of the State of Israel.


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