Giving up the Dream

Avraham Burg wrote an amazing op-ed for Al-Quds, translated in the Forward. Key paragraph:

And here is my faith: Any future agreement will be based on the principles of territorial compromise. What is this compromise? Territorial compromise is not just a real estate deal. It is a spiritual decision by peoples that have decided to accept one another despite years of hostility and deep wells of hatred and vengeance. Such a compromise is first of all between a nation and itself. I believe with perfect faith that the entire Land of Israel belongs to me. So it is written in the Bible, so my mother from Hebron taught me and her grandchildren. And I know that the dream of greater Palestine passes from grandfather to grandchild in every Palestinian home. Therefore the first compromise is between me and my dream. I compromise with my dream of returning to Hebron in order that I may live free in the new Israel. And my Palestinian brother must give up his dream of returning to Jaffa in order to live an honorable and dignified life in Nablus. Only those capable of compromising with their dreams can sit together to forge a compromise on behalf of their nations.



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