Violence as Compassion

Interesting point in the New York Times today: Dalai Lama Says Terror May Need a Violent Reply. Yes, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the paragon of compassion and peace, made it clear that, “Terrorism is the worst kind of violence, so we have to check it, we have to take countermeasures.”
How is that possible? Well, in my mind, I would say that when dealing with terrorism, violence is sometimes compassionate. Harsh words, so some explanation is required: a terrorist does not only harm himself and his victims, he also harms society at large by setting an example for others that violence is a justifiable recourse of action.
To be compassionate to the victims and the rest of society, one is required to make peace by eliminating the terrorist. If that means a missile into his living room, so be it. By taking his life, and possibly the life of those closest to him who have done nothing to stop him, one is saving all generations and all of society from the perpetuation of violence. And that is the path of compassion.


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