Excuse Me for Low Volume

While I hate to bring up my personal life in this weblog, I would like to explain why I have been unable as of late to post: I’m simply a bit overwhealmed.
You see, I am an undergraduate student at Columbia University, taking four classes (Intermediate Microeconomics, Statistics, American Politics and Masterpieces of Western Music), working 3 jobs (administrative assistant at Columbia’s Middle East Institute, Research Assistant for Professor Naomi Weinberger, Consultant for CUNY’s Sephardic Education Initiative–while tutoring and translating on the side), and involved in 4 extracurricular activities (Columnist for the Columbia Spectator, Representative of the School of General Studies to the Committee on Instruction, Student Representative to the Executive Board of the American Jewish Press Association, and Undergraduate Fellow of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies)–all this while I’m still in the process of unpacking from a recent move.
So yeah, please understand if I do not update in the coming days.
Thank you.


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