But before I go, a word on today’s bombings

A quick word on today’s bombing: while the New York Times was busy trying to convince the American public with a front-page article that a wave of Jewish terrorist attacks was about to break upon the Palestinian population, terrorists from within the Palestinian population carried out their third terrorist attack in a week, while anti-American Islamic forces attacked the top-ranking UN official in Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello.
No, not all Muslims are terrorists–I reject any insinuation to that opinion forthright. It just seems kind of odd to me that the Times would take this time of increased terrorist activity to try and create a moral parallel between those terrorists who are doing the killing and those Jews who Ian Fisher assumes will kill. In doing so, the Times has relaxed what should be unrelenting pressure on Islamic groups to renounce terror by painting a picture whereby ‘everybody does it.’
Terror in part continues because those terrorists have realized that it can be used as a political tool. How many more bombings–and lack of Jewish terror attacks–will it take for the Times to realize that the only way for us to help the Muslim world is to make it clear that terror is unacceptable.


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