Euro Replay of American History?

A lot has been written in the past few weeks about the formation of the United States of Europe, and much of it focuses on what the European Union is today based upon the introduction of the European constitution.
My question is the following: who is to say that this is not just the creation of the Confederacy of Europe, as in version 1.0 of the US in the early post-revolutionary days, and that 2.0 will not come after a decade or two of legalistic bumbling? This constitution should not be seen as the end-all, but the start of a new era brought on by American power and influence. It will also be interesting to see how the growing Muslim minorities in the various European countries will interact with this new Europe, and if they will begin to gain direct political power in the decades to come.
That is why I think the truth is somewhere between Robert Lane Greene’s pessimism and Andrew Sullivan’s optimism, with a little bit of Philipe Legrain’s economic analysis thrown into the mix. I think it is safe to bet that Europe will grow stronger–as it has throughout the past millennia of History, discounting, of course, the past century–but there is not reason to think that the rest of the world will not adjust accordingly in the quest for global governance and increased globalization.


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