Move ’em South and East

The talk of moving US military bases to Romania is only a fraction of what needs to be done considering the reshaping of the strategic map following the end of the Cold War.
As Rachel Bronson of the Council on Foreign Relations said earlier this year at a lecture at Columbia’s Middle East Institute, American forces need to adjust their footprint to be able to meet future threats. Do we really fear German renewal or a Russian invasion of Western Europe anymore? I don’t think so–but we do need to get into a position whereby a quick sortie over Teheran or Beijing will not be impossible. Moving into Iraq was an excellent strategic step–granted that the US sets up a permanent airbase in the Kurdish regions in Northern Iraq. But that’s only the beginning.
Moreover, the moving of military bases has serious economic consequences. Think for a second how much US army personnel spend on food and tourist stuff alone. As Captain Sanger, 31, says in the NYT article linked above, “It is cheap and the food is excellent. So are the beaches near this Romanian port on the Black Sea.” Moving US forces into those less developed areas will help create a service economy, infuse currency into those weaker markets, and add to America’s positive image in those areas of the world. It’s time to move.


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