BBC Anti-Semitic Bias Continued

Both Andrew Sullivan and Ned Temko have approached the question of BBC bias and latent anti-Semitism today, each from their own corner.
Sullivan quotes from, interestingly enough, a BBC article which reads, “The BBC has been accused of “Enron-like” complacency on the day it releases its annual report and accounts. The corporation came under fire from a Parliamentary select committee, when Labour MP Chris Bryant said: “This feels more like a kind of Enron annual report than a BBC annual report.”
Temko also brings up a few good points, recalling how, “on the night of September 11, while bodies were being pulled from the wreckage of the Twin Towers, and was startled to hear a fellow panellist remark that the real question was US policy towards Israel. (fortunately, the presenter and another panellist jumped in to challenge the suggestion).”
But, the real question is, according to Richard Ingrams, since one is a Homosexual and the other a Jew, do they really have the right to complain?


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