Will Blogs Help Journalism?

Kathleen Parker has an interesting article posted on Townhall.com called Blogs breaking logjam of journalism. Besides her intense usage of metaphores, the content is pretty interesting. To sum up, blogs have sped up the pace of the news-i-verse, and will end up driving, not burning up, journalism.
I’m not one of those bloggers who is so interesting in the process that the ends become just a way to justify the means, so I admit that I agree. A quote from her is in order:

Glenn Reynolds, the blogosphere’s Rowdy Yates ( Instapundit ), as well as a University of Tennessee law professor, last year wrote, “Big journalism is in trouble,” and proclaimed “the end of the power of Big Media.”
He’s right about the trouble part, but the blogosphere may help more than hurt. The view from my bunker suggests that blogs can’t be anything but good for journalism. Just as a new restaurant is good for established ones, competition is good. And fun! As another famous cowboy recently put it, “Bring `em on!”

I’m sure that Andrew Sullivan is reading this and thinking those same exact words as Glenn–and they certainly will bring it on.


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