Why Bush Wants to Hide 9/11 Report

The Drudge Report has posted a link to a report in the Miami Herald saying that the 9/11 report will be ‘explosive,’ and create quite a stir. Good.
Although the article is no more than a shadow within a shadow, here is an interesting part of that article:

”It’s compelling and galvanizing and will refocus the public’s attention on Sept. 11,” predicted Roemer, an Indiana Democrat. “Certain mistakes, errors and gaps in the system will be made clear.”

The report will show that top Bush administration officials were warned in the summer of 2001 that the al Qaeda terrorist network had plans to hijack aircraft and launch a “spectacular attack.”
Hill would not discuss details of the report, but said it will contain ”new information” about revelations made last year, when the joint House-Senate investigation held nine public hearings and 13 closed sessions.
The final report was completed in December. Since then a working group of Bush administration intelligence officials has ”scrubbed” the report, objecting to additional public disclosures.”

Why don’t the people in Congress understand that the American population will not be safe until we correct those mistakes made in 9/11? I think this glaring lack of accountability has more to do with a old-boys-club please-don’t-get-me-fired mentality than anything else, but still–these are supposed to be our representatives. They should act like it.


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