Sept 11 Investigation delayed

The delays in the Sept. 11 investigation should be getting much more press and outrage than they have.
Instead of focusing on WMD, the American left and right should really start focusing on the event that led up to the new security situation. While I continue to support the idea of a more active foreign policy, especially when one of its stated goals is the increase of liberty and democracy around the world, the fact that the US has not yet had an Agranat Commission to get to the bottom of the failure of our security forces, and the fact that no one was held accountable for their failure, seriously threatens America’s security in the future.
What would I do if I was the Democratic party? I’d get Wesely Clark on board, mount a serious campaign to challenge the Republicans on their ability to protect the citizens of the United States due to their faliure on Sept. 11, and move only later to remind people of the economy. Lawrence Kaplan sure makes some good points today in the Wall Street Journal that “If the Democratic Party intends to run against a popular war, its leaders might wish to recall the lesson of a Democrat [McGovern] who ran against an unpopular war. He lost 49 states.”


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