James Bennet a Nice Guy

Still in LA, although the conference has come to a close, so please continue to excuse my grammar and spelling.
I was speaking to an Israeli government employee who knows James Bennet from the New York Times personally, and who vouched for his being “a good guy.” Fine, I trust this person, and maybe Bennet is a nice guy over all, but today’s article on the Refrigerator Bomber is absurd (sorry, no link at this time). Sorry, but choosing to do a profile on an unrepentant individual and making him out to be a hero is just above the call of duty if you ask me. It not only validates his actions, it also glorifies him as a person, and you would not see such an article about an American mass murder, especially with so many other things going on in the region at the same time.
More when I return to the East coast.


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