Nukes in the Mideast

With all the talk on Iran’s nuclear program, the media has seemed to have forgotten the broader regional trends in nuclear proliferation, namely that Saudi Arabia has been funding the Pakistani program, that North Korea provides missiles to the region, and that Iran’s bomb will be just another weapon of mass distraction from the repression these states actively engage in against their people.
MENL reported that “The U.S. intelligence community has determined that North Korea has not been dissuaded from selling missiles and weapons of mass destruction components to Middle East clients,” and that an “unclassified report to Congress [that] covers the foreign acquisition of technology relating to WMD and advanced conventional munitions for the first half of 2002” showed no change in the general trend of North Korean missile shipments to the region.
This especially dangerous because MENL also posted that “a report by the Institute for Science and International Security asserted that two Pakistani nuclear scientists provided expertise to Al Qaida to develop radiological dispersal devices. The scientists were also said to have provided Al Qaida with guidelines on developing nuclear weapons.”
Finally, Those that say that Iranian, Pakistani or Saudi nukes are no less an issue than Israel’s alleged nuclear capabilities are deluding themselves: Israeli’s do not fly planes into buildings, nor have they explicitly threatened any other country in the region, as did Iran, when it said that Israel “will bathe in a sea of fire” last year. Let’s face it: these nukes present a clear and present danger to our wellbeing, and the US administration must act to protect us, “the infidels.”
[*Update: Raven Brown brings up a good point–is this an arguement advocating everlasting war? No, not all action has to be with the military. Many options still exist–political and economic–and have yet to be tested. The point of this argument is not to advocate the mode of action but the neccessity of action.]


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