The Short on Abdel

Don’t say I did not warn you–the campaign to blame Israel for the failure of the peace-process has kicked into full swing. While I do not think it was the best idea for Israel to attack Dr. Rantisi at this very juncture–to tell the truth it was an incredibly stupid idea, given that he is a public figure that could have been attacked at any given moment, and for this reason I condemn it fully–that is besides the point.
The point is that the news-outlets have decided that Israel is derailing the peace-process, without for once thinking to mention that the Palestinians and plethora of attacks over the past two weeks might have something to do with it. No, terrorist attacks can’t derail peace, right? I mean, it’s not like the peace process, from Israel’s point of view, is meant to end terror.
Now, the New York Times’ editorial today looked really promising. Before actually reading it I thought to lay down my sword and admit that the NYTimes might actually want to do good. But no. The editorial is no more than a smoke-screen. In it they blame Arafat, but describe him more as a powerless toddler throwing a tantrum, and not the person who still pulls the strings in the PA. There has yet to be a mention of his control of the security forces, and the reader is led to believe that PM Abbas (Abu Mazen) can actually “put his house in order.”
Why is this a problem, and how does this tie in? Well, once Abbas fails to “put his house in order,” the NYTimes will leave the reader asking why. Well, since no mention was made of his absolute powerlessness, Israel’s actions will be the only logical explanation, and ergo the cycle of bias.
On another note in relation to the article, while I know that it is necessary to explain to readers why the terrorist leader holds the title of ‘doctor,’ I love it how they describe him as a pediatrician. Also, I find it quite humorous that they publish a comment by a Hamas official, Mahmoud Zahar, saying: “This crime won’t pass without punishment against the Zionists. It’s time for Palestinian society to throw the road map into the garbage.” Right, as if Hamas had earlier accepted the road-map. Isn’t it time the NYTimes realized that?
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