Of Course They Hate Us

For some reason, the reports coming out following the Pew Global Attitudes Project poll on Muslim attitudes is news to the New York Times, who is taking yet another opportunity to show its opinion on the war for Iraq.
Well, let’s make it clear: this is not news. Of course the Arabs will hate the US more. Why? Because their governments, who are scared shitless that America will pound down their door next, have taken to further demonize America, hoping their people will be so filled with rage that none would even dream of joining forces with covert CIA missions to bring down their house.
The New York Times, AP, and all of the other news agencies who are reporting on this issue as if it is a shocking revelation, seem not to comprehend what happens in a country with government run press: the people see what the government wants them to see, and the media has very strong powers of persuasion. That’s what the art of propaganda is all about.
So yeah, they hate us, or at least they say they do when asked–let’s remember that people under tyranny do not usually feel free to express opinions contrary to the government’s wishes–what can we do about it? Nothing. No matter what the US does, these tyrants will continue to use America as a prop to their regime, and a way to deflect hatred. What to do? What we did in Iraq, and a few more times. Maybe not militarily, but it is about time we stop doing business with tyrants and terrorism supporters.


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