Cognitive Dissonance on WMD

The more those of the anti-war community protest that Bush and Blair “made up” the evidence concerning Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, the clearer it becomes that mixing ideology and information makes a dangerous elixer. These same people who, before the war, said “of course the US knows Saddam has biological and chemical weapons, the US sold it to them,” are now able, with a straight face, to say that the weapons never existed at all.
See something familiar in the two charges? Yup, it is the “blame America first” syndrome–a comic-book like affliction that causes schizophrenia in otherwise intelligent people.
William Safire of the New York Times puts it nicely today:

“Never mind…our discovery of two mobile laboratories designed to produce biological and chemical agents capable of causing mass hysteria and death in any city in the world. Future discoveries will be dismissed as “dual use” or planted by us.
No; the opponents of this genocidal maniac’s removal now accuse President Bush and Prime Minister Blair of a colossal hoax. Because Saddam didn’t use germs or gas on our troops, they say, that proves Iraq never had them. If we cannot find them right away, they don’t exist. They believe Saddam sacrificed tens of billions in oil revenues for no reason at all.”

Let’s please move on; there are enough reasons to impeach Bush. Saddam was a bad person and the threat of WMD was real–if we can find them in less than two month or not. Running mental circles around the issue of Iraq’s WMD is not helping anyone.


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