US Protects Saudis, Not Israel

US Protects Saudis, Not Israel

Maureen Dowd has, in today’s article The Empire Strikes First, continued to perpetuate the myth that the war on Iraq is being fought for Israel.
“After removing the super-rat, Mr. Wolfowitz, Mr. Libby and their fellow hawk Richard Perle can turn his country into a laboratory for democracy in the Arab world creating a domino effect to give Israel more security.”
It is important to note that Iraq has not been first on Israel’s mind since Osiraq, and, if anything, a weak regime such as Sadaam’s actually aided Israeli security.
On the other hand, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait has and always will be Sadaam’s major targets of interest. If the US is going to war for anyone it is for those Oil-giants.
So, contrary to Dowd’s assertion, the war on Iraq is against Israel’s interests, and the only reason Israel is pushing the US to start the war is to get it over with.


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