Blair Wasn’t All Wrong

I have just returned from a ten-day trip to Israel, and will write about the political situation once the jet-lag wares off, but I felt it important to make a correction to a post I wrote about Tony Blair: I know understand that Tony Blair was absolutely justified in meeting with Bashar Asad, and, taking into account the information I have been able to garner, hope he continues with his work in the Middle East.
I was mistaken in saying that Democratic leaders should not meet with the leaders of terrorism-supporting states. Such communication is necessary to wear away the wall of blood between our civilizations, and to provide intelligence information to continue to thwart terrorist attacks.
Those Democratic leaders, however, must make it very clear to their population that they do not legitimize tyranny nor terrorism. That PM Blair did not do, and I hope he will not fear Syrian sensitivities and tell the truth to his constituency in the future.


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